Jake’s Story

by Jake Cohn I almost died at birth. For more than a month I was in intensive care before coming home to live in Telluride, Colorado. As a result of the high elevation in Telluride, I was on oxygen 24/7 for the first few years of my life. I spent my first three... read more

How To Fix Our Public Health

by Peggy J. Noonan Too many Americans are fat. Too many have diabetes, heart disease and other chronic problems, or are well on their way to developing them. Our leaders debate solutions, but a nationwide health remedy remains elusive. The good news? State and local... read more

Asthma ToolKit On TV

National Jewish Health is taking their successful Asthma Tool Kit Program into Denver-metro communities to help train health care providers on asthma diagnosis and care. National Jewish Health has partnered with Metro Community Providers Network, who work with... read more

Primary Care + Public Health

This video, produced by the Institute of Medicine, highlights a recent report on the integration of primary care and public health. The integration of primary care and public health can enhance the capacity of both sectors to carry out their respective missions and... read more

Sterling Wheat Farmer Knows How to Control His Asthma

STERLING – Imagine trying to perform your daily routine while sucking on a straw. That’s how Del Northrup, of New Raymer, describes living with asthma. A lot of people don’t understand what asthma is, he said. Asthma is the inflammation and narrowing of the... read more

Local Boy, Mom Team Up Beat Asthma

While talking with Heather on the phone, I hear Ty running around the room, calling to his mother, and basically sounding like a typical little boy. This is great to hear, and I wonder how Heather and Ty work together to help him live this active childhood. Although... read more

Support for Asthma Sufferers Improves Quality of Life

Linda Zittleman is the Associate Director for the High Plains Research Network. This is the last in a series of articles for an asthma awareness project in eastern Colorado by the High Plains Research Community Advisory Council. Asthma attacks are caused by swelling... read more