How is your program funded?

  • This activity is supported by a grant from Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment.   Previous support provided through the generosity of Jesse Ball DuPont Fund, Caring for Colorado, COPIC medical Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and National Jewish Health.


How can we participate in the Toolkit program?

  • Participation is limited to providers in geographic areas for which we have been given current grant funding.


Are there other resources for learning about COPD and asthma?


What do I do if I have technical issues with my spirometer, printer, or iPad?

  • Contact the manufacturer directly
    • Spirometer NDD 1-877-904-0090
    • Printer – Please consult the manufacturer
    • iPad –

How do I order more mouth pieces?

  • NDD MedicalTechnologies, or 1-877-904-0090


Do you recommend a specific spirometer?

  • No, through the CDC/NIOSH website (, however, you can find suggestions that will work best for your practice.


I have a new staff member, how do I get them trained?

  • Please utilize the resources we gave you. The provider manual, patient workbooks, ibooks, and the website. Please also check out National Jewish Health,


How many CME or CEU credits will I receive?

  • When you have completed all components of our program you will receive 8 CME or “8” CEU credits.


Can I get advice on interpreting spirometery?

  • Yes, please send an email to and we will connect you to the appropriate specialist.


Can I get a patient consultation?

  • Yes, please send an email to and we will connect you to the appropriate specialist.


Where can I find patient education materials?

  • Please see the patient resource list in your Provider Manual or go to